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Our Packages

Choose from one of our standard packages below, or call us for a custom quote on your project. We offer many additional services such as location filming, Post Production effects, as well as promotional services and packaging for your finished products.

Reach Millions...

Reach out to your mobile audience with online marketing for your company, products or services.

Deliver your message fast...

Craft your message and deliver it fast using our quick-turn service. Our unique production facility reduces Post Production time by 90%

Mobile Media for today's consumer...

Your customers are all about mobile, your company should be to.

Nimble marketing means a frequent fresh message...

Gone are the days of corporate branding and old style media. Today's consumer is savvy, and has to be reached their way.

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Our Services

Mini Package $999

A great way to start. The mini package can be used to create a one time only video that may go on your website to explain who you are in a much closer and personal way. Or, an educational or demonstration video on a specific product or service.
There are so many ways you can deliver a personal, even humorous message that captivates your audience. The sample video shown here is a 36 minute show on how to photograph a 12 month old baby. It's a great example of an educational video you can easily produce.

Courtesy Photography Schoolhouse

Using our studio backdrops, you can shoot a nice clean high key video the way Apple does. A clean white background and well lit subject makes an excellent format for delivering a personal message. We can add your graphics, photographs, PowerPoint slides, or pre-existing video right into the production in real time, eliminating the need for costly post production work. Package includes 2 hours of studio time with production crew. Just bring yourself and a smile :) Package includes we resolution upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and Hi-res file on disk for other use.

Midi Package $1499

Add a bit more with the Midi package. You can really enhance your production with custom digital backgrounds that are dropped in with our green screen studio. You can bring in guest presenters with a remote connection, add lower third graphics and titles, and give your production a very professional yet candid look. 4 hours of studio time can be used across two sessions and two videos. Make it the start of a small series.

Maxi Package $1999

For even higher end productions. The Maxi package offers complete digital sets, multi camera shots, digital backgrounds, remote presenters, and a kitchen sink.... well almost.

Start by making custom graphics and lower thirds to give your program a unique look. With 6 hours of studio time, you can start a small series or multiple instructional videos.

All your recordings will be fully finished and uploaded in web resolution to YouTube and Vimeo. You will also get Hi-Res copies for your files.


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