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About Us

In the Beginning:

Our early years were based in still photography not video at all, and it was well before the beginning of the Internet. From Commercial photography to well.... just about anything. In fact we avoided video all together.

The Growing Years:

In 2007, we got involved with giving seminars and workshops training other photographers on different photo techniques. People would come from all over North America just to attend our classes. But all through this time I had an idea that wouldn't go away. People were spending more money on travel and hotel than they were for the workshop itself. That just seemed wrong to me. So I looked for ways to put the training online.

But that wasn't easily done at the time. Solutions were just not available. So we started trying different ways we could give a live internet broadcast that people could log into and watch and even ask questions during the event. In late 2009, we came up with a way of getting it done, and in January 2010 we went live with our first live Internet broadcast. It was a huge success. And throughout 2010 we continued with our live broadcasts. Sometimes we stumbled. The technology was fragile and the problems were huge. If it wasn't a video problem it would be an audio problem. We kept changing things. We changed cameras several times trying to upgrade the quality every step of the way. In January 2011, we discarded everything and started all over with a whole new approach, and technology. Things improved rapidly, but we were blazing new trails. Software was still fragile and it seemed the everything would break, crash, burn and die at the blink of an eye. This is the life of a trailblazer. But over time, things improved and we finally achieved the stability we would be happy with. We continued through all of 2011 and 2012. But as 2012 wore on, we began to see a different light.

Where we're going:

Our live Internet broadcasts were attracting a world wide audience. People from all over would have to adjust their schedules to attend the broadcast time. For many, this meant getting up in the middle of the night. Plus users all have different connections to the Internet working at different speeds. Not to mention there may or may not be problems with their computers themselves. This meant the broadcast signal had to be pretty low quality. We had to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It became clear that live broadcasts were not the answer. A better solution would be to pre-record the shows, and make them available for viewing online at the users convenience.

And this is were we are today. This allows us to present at a much higher quality and that makes everyone happy. It also meant we could get out of the broadcast studio and go on location at will.

Today, we're helping others in realizing their plans to get content online. It's not only great for your customers, but it can become a significant revenue stream as well.

Our mission is to be the best provider of these services in Northern Ontario. To help and empower others in achieving online success.


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