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Reach Millions...

Reach out to your mobile audience with online marketing for your company, products or services.

Deliver your message fast...

Craft your message and deliver it fast using our quick-turn service. Our unique production facility reduces Post Production time by 90%

Mobile Media for today's consumer...

Your customers are all about mobile, your company should be to.

Nimble marketing means a frequent fresh message...

Gone are the days of corporate branding and old style media. Today's consumer is savvy, and has to be reached their way.

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Your Personal YouTube Studio

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So how can I YouTube my products or services without breaking the bank?

We've structured our online packages to offer the greatest value for the lowest price we can. Starting as low as $999 we can conceive, create and produce online content for your company and bring it online.

What sort of content would I create for my company?

 It's simple. Solve a problem for somebody. What service or product do you sell that helps people with a problem their having, or a service they want. Then, lets conceive a message that highlights that product or service.

It can be a spokes person talking about your product. Perhaps a product demonstration. But make it informative, not like a sales pitch or a TV commercial.

Perhaps an interview show with a guest presenter of some note. Or, you can make it purely educational. A news show even. We can help you conceive and craft a message, then get it produced, and online faster than any other media.

How do I get Started?

We can help you:

  • Conceive it
  • Plan it
  • Script it
  • Design it
  • Build it
  • Shoot it
  • Edit it
  • Upload it
  • Promote it

Every step of the way we're there to help guide the project. Our knowledge of the industry can help you create a project that avoids unnecessary expense. lost time, poor execution and dozens of other pitfalls you may run into.

How does it all work?

Our Sudbury studio is equipped with up to 6 cameras. 4 are high definition video cameras, and 2 are orbit cameras used for overhead demonstration shots. We can add still photographs taken live from the set as we record, as well as capturing multiple computer screens that may have graphics, PowerPoint presentations or software demos running. All of these sources can be recorded by live switching. This means by the time the recording is finished, 90% of the post production work is already done. Virtually no costly and time consuming post production work is left to delay your project for weeks or months.

I have questions, can I get a free consultation?

Certainly you can! Call us today at 705-988-5755 and we're happy to get you going in todays new media.

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